10 ways to style Bootcut Jeans

A pair of bootcut jeans is a must-have this season. They look extremely classy and elegant and can easily be paired up with boots, heels, or even flats. For the unversed, this type of jeans is tighter around the thighs and loose at the bottom. Often, it has a slight flare towards the end. It suits every body type but there is a different fit for everyone. You need to find the perfect fit for your body. It is easy to create comfortable yet chic looks with bootcut jeans to look magnificent from top to bottom. It will surely be a versatile addition to your collection.

There are countless ways to style bootcut jeans, but for starters, we have listed 10 different ways for you to get inspiration from.

1.      Ripped bootcut jeans and graphic t-shirt

For sunny days, when you want to be comfortable and look effortlessly stylish, this is the perfect outfit for you. Ripped denim jeans are always in style and pairing them with a cute graphic tee is a trending aesthetic. Get yourself a dark high-waist denim bootcut jeans and style with a pastel or light-colored tee to get the perfect combination. You can complete this look by wearing wedges and a cute sling bag. For the accessories, you can go simple and just wear a pair of hoops and your look is complete!

2.      Formal bootcut jeans attire

We absolutely love how a pair of jeans can be worn on different occasions. You can wear it for a casual lunch but you can also style it up when you are meeting your clients or going to attend a formal function. Match your bootcut plaid jeans with a beige or white formal blouse. At formal meetings, neutral tones look chic and classy and this is exactly the look you want to achieve. Don’t go too heavy with the accessories. Here, less is more. You can complete your outfit with either loafers or block heels.

3.      Styling crop bootcut jeans

Cropped bootcut jeans look very cute. You want to buy dark colored jeans, either black, blue, or gray. Pair them with a bright-colored top or a tee and wear hot red or orange lipstick to complete your look. Make sure to wear heels underneath as cropped bootcut jeans can make you look short if they are not paired correctly. You can wear an overcoat or a cool jacket to complete your look. For the accessories, it depends on what type of top you are wearing with the jeans. You can carry a small purse with it and tada! You look spectacularly gorgeous.

4.      Casual lunch date

Choose a mid-rise pair of bootcut jeans for this look. It must be well-fitted to not look shabby. You can pair these jeans with a simple light-colored top that has a defining feature to it. For example, a lavender blouse with a bow on its sleeves or maybe a mustard top with a stylish neck, etc. You can wear closed-toe boots, wedges, or block heels to complete this look and to highlight your elongated legs. For the accessories, if you are wearing a white or nude color top, then go for statement earrings that pop out. Since the entire look is casual, you want to use eye-catching and bright accessories to go perfectly well with your outfit.

5.      Business casuals

If you want to wear a semi-formal outfit, this is the perfect style for you. For this look, opt for a turtle neck top to give a formal look to your attire. You can pair a warm-toned turtle neck top/ sweater with dark-colored bootcut jeans or trousers. For your footwear, you can choose a pair of simple and elegant stilettos or pumps. You can complete this look by wearing light jewelry. You can also carry a tote bag or a purse with this outfit, as per your choice.

6.      Styling white bootcut jeans

This might look easy, but pairing white-colored bootcut jeans can be a disaster if not done wisely. For this look, you want to go for a chic and stylish top. This top can be of any color. For a party look, you can choose a strappy top of any bright color and pair it up with large hoops. You can also add a bracelet and rings to complete your look. For your footwear, you can wear a stylish pair of stilettos that perfectly match the vibe of a party.

7.      Hippie style

If you want to stand out in the crowd, and are looking for a hippie outfit, you can play with bootcut jeans. Pair your bootcut jeans with a flowing colorful top or a silky top to make the outfit fun and attractive. You can complete this look by adding a pair of heels to your look. For the outfit to look fashionable, you can always add a fashion piece to your outfit like a statement purse or a pair of eye-catching earrings.

8.      Crop jacket with bootcut jeans

Bootcut jeans, high heels, and red lips compliment each other like nothing else. You can wear a plain white, beige, or black top underneath and wear a bright-colored cropped coat over it. This makes a cool and fun outfit for any occasion. Leave your hair open, adding glamor to your entire look. For the accessories, keep it simple because you already have a bright coat to make heads turn.

  1. Pairing embroidered bootcut jeans

Today’s fashion gives us very cute embroidered bootcut jeans that can be styled in different ways. While not everyone prefers to wear embroidered jeans, those who do, surely enjoy the look. You can pair your embroidered jeans with any color used in the embroidery or if you want to play with colors, you can always wear contrasting palettes. You can flaunt either flats or wedges to complete your look and carry a sling bag along with it.

10.   Denim top and denim bootcut jeans

Denim with denim can never go wrong. Choose a stretchy light color denim top for this look to pair it up with a pair of dark-colored bootcut jeans. To keep it casual, you can wear sneakers, too. If you want to add some color to this look, you can also opt for a light embroidered denim top or shirt.

Final thoughts

Styling a pair of bootcut jeans is all about your inner creativity. You can play with colors and styles and still look elegant, stylish, and cool. We hope that you get inspired from these different looks  to create your own unique look.