Transitional Pieces to Wear in Early Spring


Deciding what to wear as the winter transitions to spring is one of the most challenging tasks. What should you wear while the weather figures itself out?. Early spring fashion trends include clothes that are comfortable and exude a “springy” vibe”.


This article brings to you some carefully curated transitional spring dresses to wear in 2022. This list has a lot of white denim, monochrome, light neutrals, and textures. So if you are confused about what to wear for spring fashion 2022, here are a few suggestions.


1.    Colorful maxi dress and boots


Spring is perfect for bright and colorful maxi dresses. However, what to do if spring has not set in completely but you still want to wear spring dresses? You pair the maxi dress with a leather or denim jacket and your favorite pair of boots. Add to this a matching bag, and viola! You have yourself the perfect outfit for the transitional weather.


2.    Midi sweater dress and long coat


A midi sweater dress is not too warm and is perfect for the “almost spring” weather. It's a section of women’s clothes that is versatile and never goes out of fashion. You can pair a midi sweater with a long fuzzy coat for a day out. This date night dress can also be worn with sneakers for a comfortable night out.


3.    White tee and jeans with a bright coat


Any fashion blog (or your own experiences) will tell you that spring is all about bright colors. If you are thinking about which spring fashion trends to follow this time around, be sure to try a white tee and jeans with a bright coat. This makes for a very simple outlfit but one that is stylish and chic. It is comfortable and your spring dress will surely match the changing nature around you.


4.    Sweater tank, leather pants, and a white blazer


With this look, you will surely be the trendiest girl on the block. Nothing can beat the deadly combination of a sweater tank, leather pants, and a white blazer. While leather is ideal for the winters, you can also give it a try during transitional weather. You might want to experiment with light-toned leather pants to suit the spring aura.


5.    Satin midi with an oversized sweater


This casual style is really popular these days and will definitely be an important part of spring fashion 2022. To add a pinch of uniqueness to this attire, you can pair it with a pair of white boots. There are many online boutiques for women that sell satin midis, so go grab yours now.


Summing up


The transition from winter to spring is usually a happy one that most of us look forward to. However, what a lot of people find frustrating is that they don’t understand what kind of clothes to wear during this transition. We hope to resolve some of those problems with this fashion blog.

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