Top 10 Spring Dresses


Wondering what to wear as the Spring season is just around the corner? We have prepared a list of some of the best spring fashion 2022 trends that you can follow this time. The upcoming season is all about a new beginning and a bright future. Your spring dresses must resonate with these and several other moods of the season.


If you are still battling the low temperatures, shopping for spring dresses is just the mood-uplifter you need. Let's have a look!


1.    Y2K is trending


For some, Y2K might be evoke nostalgia and memories, but for many fashionistas, it is still alive and thriving in 2022. This spring fashion trend includes miniskirt suits, low-rise bottoms, and “whale tail” pants. These outfits speak volumes about an individual’s personality because only the most daring and experimental of the lot are willing to try it out. Cutouts, halter tops, and dresses are going to be a huge part of the Y2K trend this year.


2.    Ready-for-vacation


Designers have introduced this year’s summer dresses and they are simply exquisite. Whenever you plan a getaway from the hullabaloo of the city, you can pack these ready-for-vacation pieces with you. This spring fashion 2022 trend includes women’s clothes like crochet tops, extremely airy and comfy dresses, printed co-ord sets with the perfect springy vibe, and more.


3.    Huge bags are in


They might have seemed absurd a few years ago but huge bags in vogue this year. Be it leather or raffia, these ultra-big bags are a stylish way to travel. They are also useful as you can fit all your essentials in them. Several fashion blogs recommend that you buy these bags this season.


4.    Bring back the 60’s romance


Bring back the 60’s romance with these aesthetically pleasing floral dresses that are oh-so-stylish. These come with puffed sleeves, fitted bodices, and a lady-like fitting- just like the old times. Thesse can easily be one of the best date night dresses if paired with pointed-toe heels and pearls.


5.    Get creative with the basics


Don’t get rid of the basics from your wardrobe. Button-down shirts, classic sweaters, and neat suits never go out of fashion, especially not not in the spring of 2022. From Victoria Beckham to Peter Do, many have played around with these pieces while adding a to them a touch of modernity.


6.    It's twee time!


Twee fashion trends are totally in, especially with the increasing popularity of the Y2K style. This includes darling minis with romantic collars, baby tees, shrunken sweaters, loafers paired with socks, and much more. Recently, the fashion designer Brandon Maxwell exhibited one such piece on his runway, and the crowd couldn’t have enough of it.


7.    Rage on with saffron


One color that is going to steal the show with all the spring fashion trends is saffron and its hues. This bright and bold shade of red symbolizes all things loud, strong, and fun. Say goodbye to neutral colors! Saffron is all the rage when it comes to summer dresses.


8.    Fringes


While these has gone out of fashion a couple of years ago, they have made their way back onto the runways. Yes! Fringes are back to the parties. Be it a full-fringe skirt or a dress with fringes at the end, they will all look great if you are planning to go out dancing or a night out.


9.    Uniform is no longer just for school


You heard it right. Uniform dressing is popular this spring season; it is soon becoming an essential workwear. This spring fashion trend includes sweaters, pleated skirts, macs, and blue shirts. While 9-5 fashion has taken off in recent years, the addition of uniform dressing has taken it up a notch.


10.                   Stripes


The last fashion trend this season is stripes. Be it on shirts, skirts, pants, bags, or even shoes, stripes are stylish and fun. You can experiment with different colors of stripes to be the most fashionable person in the room.


Final Thoughts


We hope this list of spring fashion trends helps you organize your wardrobe and get ready for the happiest season of the year. Shop all of our affordable spring dresses at