The Biggest Spring Fashion Trends of 2022



Is anyone else ready to welcome a new season and new rounds of styles to try? The temperature is starting to shift, so it’s time to bring out the fun trends in store for the next reemergence of spring.  From retro-inspired garments to spotlight-stealing attires, fashion has never looked so electrifying. Nostalgia is peaking higher with the Y2k aesthetic and ultra-sassy silhouettes. 

Say hello to the season of fashion must-haves. Keep scrolling to see the best fashion trends for spring ’22.



White aesthetic



Minimalists, rejoice! Designers have given consent to wearing all-white clothing on a year-round basis after being off the sartorial radar for quite a while. So anchor your spring wardrobe with all-white ensembles such as white maxis, crisp white skirts, and white separates.


Platform shoes


2022 is all about the ease and comfort of wearing stompy flats and chunky soles.

From flatform heels to ankle strap heels, boots, espadrilles, and even loafers are getting a high heel lift you could consider for work, date nights, and everything in between. So, go ahead and give your small heels a break.


Low rise pants   


This season is all about the resurgence of low-rise pants (let’s admit it, We never thought we’d see this day). Dipping way below the belly button and bearing the midriff, these pants can be styled in so many fresh ways. Embrace the look via snug n stretchy style, low-slung denim, or long hemlines with the perfect amount of slouchy. Pair with cropped tops to pack a real punch.


Ultra Minis


Not to lie, we will always adore midis, but this season is going to be all about minis and raising the hemlines to minuscule lengths.  If you want to keep your itsy bitsy mini skirts work-appropriate, pair them with oversized blazers or knee-high boots. For an ultra-glam lady-like vibe, opt for statement prints and style them with coordinating tops for a look that is VA VA Voom!


Color me plenty


Lovers of neutrals, look away now. Juicy color combinations are set to be the hottest hues this spring. And if it seems difficult to play Mark Rothko with your wardrobe? Make your look more intense by taking it head to toe.


Homespun details




Crochet was a major trend in 2021 and this year knits are getting a more grown-up glow in the form of texture play. Varying knits can be worn on their own, across vests, trousers, layered over suits, and even bags. Whether you are heading for a drink with your gal pals or a stroll in the city, you will find any excuse to wear this beautifully crafted trend.

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