Spring Trend Watch 2022

Welcome Spring and all the wonderful fashion it brings. Currently, the best trends are defined as being essentials. Certain styles are considered ‘staple gems’, and can easily fall under the radar. Due to sustainability being in high-demand, people want compliments to their wardrobe.  Shopping with us is sure to satisfy your style needs. Here at Shopwaverlypaige.com we don’t just sell clothing, we offer inspiration too! In this article; we’ll mention 3 of the most popular trends out right now. The ones straight from the runway, and now on to the streets!  We can show AND tell, with our own unique pieces.



Springs colors always bring out the most sunny disposition. The mild tones represent the uplifting vibe of nature, and all that encompasses it. It’s no wonder the color green for blouses, pants, suit sets, dresses, and accessories, have taken over. Yes; no matter what style you choose to wear; green is a must for the upcoming seasons. Our FLORAL PRINT RUFFLE HEM MINI DRESS is this trend manifested. The fun baby doll silhouette works well with all body types, and the delicate white floral pattern gives this dress texture. It’s long sleeves, and ruffled hemlines, are winning; and is perfect for those chilly days in spring. 



Once again; we have what is considered in fashion, as a ‘Stubborn Staple.’ It’s an item that most people wear constantly, because it fits into almost every aspect of their daily life. Due to this; the sweet cardigan trend just won’t go away. The cropped cardigan, in simple knit, or super chunky styles are just too adorable to miss. You can wear it in the office, school, and for any formal yet casual occasion. Imagine wearing our MERCI BOXY CROPPED KNIT CARDIGAN with an ice blue pair of minimally distress high waist skinny denim, and open toe heels. Its a nice balance of conservative and sexy fashion styling.



Every season has it’s denim favorite. Spring 2022 is no different. It’s nice to see how the classic jeans styles are being translated to fit the season. The flirty undertones of Spring are full cuts, along with body-con textiles. Denim flare is a more modern take on the bell-bottom jeans. Take for instance our HIGH RISE FLARE SKINNY JEANS . The high-waist is vintage, and the pant legs give just a hint of flare, highlighting your body curves. It’s no surprise that Denim Flare styles are trending; they work well with the cropped blouse and bralette tops still carrying over from this past Spring and Summer.


Consistency is an evident theme for the times we’re in. Notice how the staples are whats trending, but in a refreshed way. Items that have the ability to transform a look without too much effort, will always make the cut for any wardrobe. When you shop with us, you’ll find clothes that stand the test of time. Shopwaverlypaige.com; we’re on it!