Light Fall Sweaters for 2022

Lightweight sweaters are great for warm weather because they're easy to layer under other clothes. They also look good on everyone, so you won't feel self conscious when you wear them.

Wear them with jeans or leggings.
If you're looking for a new sweater, try pairing it with something else. A simple white tee works well with a light sweater, while a pair of dark denim looks great with a bright one.

Layer them under jackets.
Layer them under jackets, throw them over dresses, wear them as outerwear — whatever suits your style. They're versatile enough to work year round, so you'll never have to worry about what to wear when. Try this Shacket as a layering piece.

Add accessories like scarves and hats.
If you're looking for something more casual, try adding a scarf or hat to your outfit. Scarves add warmth without weighing down your shoulders, while hats keep your head warm and protect against sun damage. Both are easy ways to dress up an otherwise simple outfit.